Why order from multiple sources? Let us create your own online corporate apparel and awards store!

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Corporate apparel and awards ordering has to be easier... Tired of manual order entries? Excel Spreadsheets? Multiple calls, just to get status? Let us help...

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iPod and iPad Browser Compatible MyAwardsStore, is now completely compatible with iPod and iPad for easy remote access!

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  • What image formats do you except?
Image Formats: Image formats are preferred in higher resolution such as .eps, .pdf, .tiff -- We can work with you if you have images in .jpg, .png, formats as well.
  • What can be done with my logo?
  • We offer many solutions for your logo:
    • Embroidery
    • Screen-printing
    • Sublimation
    • and much more!


  • Create an online store, but I have no time to wait! ...How long will that take?
MyAwardsStore takes no time at all! In fact we can have your company up and running with a fully functional store within one week!
  • Only one week? What do I have to do in order to meet this timeframe?
  • Browse our catalog:
    • Simply browse our catalog and choose which items you would like to include in your store

MyAwardsStore Setup Documentation


  • Are your items of quality?
•    Of course, we offer only the top quality apparel and awards.
•    Choose apparel from the top quality threads all the way to name brands, such as Adidas and Nike!
  • That sounds great, but how is your pricing?
  • Our pricing is EXTREMELY competitive:
    • We deal in quantities overall, and in-turn can pass them on to you!
    • Find a better price? Show us, tell us, let us negotiate for you -- we want to earn your business!


$0* one-time
1-2 User creation
1-4 Item creation
No Customization
*Limited Time only. One-time setup charge may apply to larger customized stores.
Basic Store
$9 per month
1-5 Users
5-9 Items
Basic Customization
⊕ Store Creation
⊕ Catalog Creation
⊕ Basic Color Scheme
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Pro Store
$19 per month
1-10 Users
10-19 Items
Full Customization
⊕ Store Creation
⊕ Catalog Creation
⊕ Enhanced Color Schemes
⊕ Order Reporting
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Enterprise Store
$29 per month
Unlimited Users
20+ Items
Full Customization
⊕ Store Creation
⊕ Catalog Creation
⊕ Enhanced Color Scheme
⊕ Order Reporting
⊕ Adminisration Access
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Service Updates

OFFLINE: 31.08.10 @ 12:31 EST. Sharing hosting servers are currently disabled due to a backup error.
RESTORED: 29.08.10 @ 18:53 EST. Email has been restored. All received messages are now synced.
OFFLINE: 28.08.10 @ 23:14 EST. Our email system is down. Backup servers are trapping all sent emails.

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